Presentation of data-Overview

Presentation of data

  • Presentation of data
  1. Textual
  2. Tabular or
  3. Graphical.

Presentation of data refers to the organization of data into tables, graphs  or charts, 
so that one can understand logical and statistical conclusions from the collected measurements.​

​Data may be presented in(3 Methods):​
  • Textual​
  • Tabular or​
  • Graphical.
  • Textual presentation
When the data are presented in the form of text or data gathered  are presented in paragraph form, it is called textual presentation of data. Textual Data are written and read.​It is a combination of texts and figures.

Example: Books are also example of textual presentation.  
  •  Tabular presentation
When we present data using the statistical table. ​It is called tabular presentation of data.
A systematic organization of data in form of columns and  rows.​

Example: You can see below table is the example of tabular data in statistical table

Total income600009000075000
Average income150001500015000

Parts of a statistical table.
  • Table number-Number of the table.
  • Table heading – consists of table number and title​
  • Stubs – classifications or categories which are found at  the left side of the body of the table​
  • Box head – the top of the column​
  • Body – main part of the table​
  • Footnotes – any statement or note inserted​
  • Source Note – source of the statistics​

Fig 1.2

  • Graphical presentation
When the data is presented in the form of graph and diagram that is called graphical presentation of data.

Example: In below fig you can see how data is presented in different  graphical form.

                                                                      Fig 1.3

Presentation of data ppt

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