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Important Questions for Class 12 Economics Chapter Wise |CBSE BOARD

12th class important question of economoics

Important Questions for Class 12 Economics Chapter Wise

Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 12 Economics

Part A

1. Introduction

·Economics and its Types

·Central Problems and Solutions of an Economy, Production Possibility Curve and Opportunity Cost

2. Theory of Consumer Behaviour

·Utility, Total Utility, Marginal Utility, and its Law

·Consumers Equilibrium Through Utility Approach

·Indifference Curve, Indifference Map, and Properties of Indifference Curve

·Budget Set, Budget Line, and Consumer Equilibrium through Indifference Curve Analysis or Ordinal Approach

·Concept of Demand, Factors Affecting Demand, and Law of Demand

·Concept of Price Elasticity of Demand and its Determinants

3. Production and Costs

·Concept of Production Function

·Concept of Cost Function

4. Theory of Producers Behaviour and Supply

·Concept of Revenue

·Producers Equilibrium

·Concept of Supply and Elasticity of Supply

5. Forms of Market

6. Market Equilibrium


 Part B

1. Introduction

·Basic Concepts of Economics

·Investment,Stock,Flows and Circular Flow of Income

2. National Income Accounting

·National Income and its Related Concepts

·Methods of Calculating National Income

3. Money and Banking

·Barter System and Money

·Commercial Banks and Central Bank

4. Income Determination

·Aggregate Demand and Supply and Their Components

·Short run Equilibrium Output

·Problems of Deficient and Excess Demad

5. Government Budget and The Economy

·Concept and Components of Government Budget

·Budgetary deficit and its measures

6. Foreign Exchange Rate and Balance of Payments

·Foreign Exchange Rate

·Balance of Payments


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