Current Affairs

 Q1. Which of the following union territory signed a

tripartite MoU with SSOCA to become organic by


Answer: Ladakh


Q2. Which company will construct India’s largest

solar power park in Kutch region in Gujarat?

Answer: National Thermal Power Corporation


Q3. World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) is observed every

year on __________.

Answer: July 15


Q4. Who has been appointed as the Leader of the

House in Rajya Sabha?

Answer: Piyush Goyal


Q5. Cabinet approves increase in Dearness Allowance

and Dearness Relief from 17% to _____.

Answer: 28%


Q6. Name the singer of the Tokyo Olympics cheering

song “Hindustani Way”.

Answer: Ananya Birla


Q7. Cabinet approves continuation of centrally

sponsored scheme National AYUSH Mission for


Answer: 5 years


Q8. Name the author of the book ‘Urdu Poets and

Writers – Gems of Deccan’.

Answer: J.S. Ifthekhar


Q9. The Reserve Bank of India has imposed

restrictions on __________.

Answer: Mastercard


Q10. Name the engine, which was successfully tested

by ISRO for Gaganyaan Program.

Answer: Vikas Engine


Q11. Which of the following bank licence recently

cancelled by RBI?

Answer: Dr Shivajirao Patil Nilangekar Urban Cooperative Bank


Q12. The country’s first ‘Grain ATM’ has been set up as

a pilot project in ________.

Answer: Haryana


Q13. The annual UN-FAO report titled “The State of

Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021”

states that between _______ million people in the

world faced hunger in 2020.

Answer: 720 and 811


Q14. What is the theme of the World Youth Skills Day


Answer: Reimagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic


Q15. The wholesale price-based inflation eased

marginally to ________ per cent in June

Answer: 12.07


Q16. Which of the following country recently unveiled

one of the world’s largest 60 megawatt-peak solar

photovoltaic farms?

Answer: Singapore


Q17. What is the name of the world’s first commercial

modular small reactor (SMR), the construction of

which was recently begun in China?

Answer: LingLong One


Q18. Babar Azam recently became the fastest batsman

to score 14 ODI centuries surpassing Hashim

Amla, Virat Kohli. He achieved this feat in how

many innings?

Answer: 81


Q19. Which of the following has become 1 Gulf state to

open embassy in Israel?

Answer: UAE


Q20. Which state government has recently launched

Electric Bike Taxi scheme 2021?

Answer: Karnataka Government


Q21. Indian Academy of Highway Engineers inks pact

with University of New South Wales to set up

Centre for Advanced Transportation Technology

and Systems _______.

Answer: Noida


Q22. Name the International Cooperation and

Convention Centre, which was recently

inaugurated by PM Modi.

Answer: Rudraksh 


Q23. Manduadih railway station renamed as __________

railway station.

Answer: Banaras Railway Station


Q24. Which of the following team will represent India

in AFC Women’s Club C’ship

Answer: Gokulam Kerala FC


Q25. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the

nation on July 15, 2021, on the occasion the ______

anniversary of the Skill India Mission.

Answer: 6th

Q26. ‘Bonalu’ is a traditional folk festival celebrated

every year in ___________________.

Answer: Telangana


Q27. Mamnoon Hussain passed away recently. He was

the former president of which of the following


Answer: Pakistan


Q28. World Day for International Justice is observed on

_______ every year.

Answer: 17th July


Q29. Which of the following state has recently

announced a 10% reservation for the Kapu

community and other Economically Weaker

Sections (EWS)?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh


Q30. Surekha Sikri passed away recently. She was a/an


Answer: Actress


Q31. Which state government has launched the new

Electric Vehicle Policy-2021?

Answer: Maharashtra


Q32. 'Mathrukavacham' is a COVID vaccination

programme organised by the state of Kerala for

who among the following?

Answer: Pregnant Woman


Q33. Name the digital platform to facilitate farmers

with technological interventions.

Answer: KisanSarathi


Q34. India, Sri Lanka and _______ hold virtual trilateral

exercise TTX-2021.

Answer: Maldives


Q35. India’s first pod taxi to operate between Jewar

Airport and Film City. Where is Jewar Airport


Answer: Uttar Pradesh


Q36. The Nelson Mandela International Day is

observed annually on which day?

Answer: July 18


Q37. Which of the following countries have agreed to

form new quad grouping on enhancing regional


Answer: US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and


Q38. Google announced its second Google Cloud Region

in which one of the following places in India?

Answer: Delhi NCR


Q39. India’s first monk fruit cultivation exercise

recently began in which one of the following


Answer: Himachal Pradesh


Q40. According to a recent WWF-UNEP report, what

percent of India's tiger ranges outside protected


Answer: 35%


Q41. Which one of the following institutions recently

developed AI algorithm called 'NBDriver' to spot

cancer-causing mutations?

Answer: IIT Madras


Q42. Who among the following wrote the book 'The

India Story’?

Answer: Dr. Bimal Jalan


Q43. Which of the following has recently struck a deal

to acquire cybersecurity firm RiskIQ?

Answer: Microsoft


Q44. Which of the following states recently announced

to introduce 'One Block, One Product' scheme in

the state?

Answer: Haryana


Q45. Common High Court of J&K, Ladakh has been

renamed as ____.

Answer: High Court of Jammu and Kashmir and



Q46. Indian Olympic Association named who among

the following as Press Attache of India's Olympic


Answer: B K Sinha


Q47. Who will receive the Olympic Laurel at the Tokyo

Games 2021?

Answer: Muhammad Yunus


Q48. Name the following, who recently won the British

Grand Prix 2021.

Answer: Lewis Hamilton


Q49. "A Night of Knowing Nothing" won the Oeil d’or

(Golden Eye) award for best documentary at the

74th Cannes Film Festival. Name the director of

the documentary.

Answer: Payal Kapadia 

Q50. ___________ won the Cannes' top prize, the Palme

d'Or, for her film Titane.

Answer: Julia Ducournau


Q51. Science Exploration Day is observed annually on

which day?

Answer: 20 July


Q52. Who among the following will be conferred with

Mohun Bagan Ratna posthumously?

Answer: Shibaji Banerjee


Q53. The Federal Bank launched which of the following

Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistant to

help customers with banking-related queries


Answer: FEDDY


Q54. The International Cricket Council (ICC) inducted

_________, _______ and _______ as members at its 78th

Annual General Meeting.

Answer: Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Switzerland


Q55. Who is the author of the book "RSS: Building India

Through SEWA"?

Answer: Sudhanshu Mittal


Q56. Pension Fund Regulatory &Development

Authority has allowed foreign companies to hold

up to ________________stake in Pension funds.

Answer: 74%


Q57. Bank of Maharashtra has signed a MoU with

_________ to boost ongoing developmental

initiatives linked to priority sector lending in


Answer: NABARD


Q58. Which of the following country has ended male

guardian requirement for women attending hajj?

Answer: Saudi Arabia


Q59. Balika Panchayat successfully held at Kunariya

village in ________.

Answer: Gujarat


Q60. Which of the following state will be the first state

in India to issue educational documents using

blockchain technology?

Answer: Maharashtra


Q61. Who among the following has won Sparkassen

Trophy at Dortmund?

Answer: Viswanathan Anand


Q62. Razorpay has acquired artificial intelligence (AI)-

based risk analysis platform ____________, marking

its third acquisition since inception.

Answer: TERA Finlabs


Q63. In which of the following country chess was


Answer: India


Q64. Who was the first man to set foot on the moon’s


Answer: Neil Armstrong



Q65. International Chess Day is observed annually on

which day?

Answer: July 20


Q66. Name the air defence missile systems, which was

recently test-fired by Russia.

Answer: S-500


Q67. The Government of India has extended the

duration of the ‘Stand Up India Scheme’ up to the

year _______.

Answer: 2025


Q68. Indian Oil Corporation, India’s largest oil firm, to

set up first ‘green hydrogen’ plant at?

Answer: Mathura


Q69. Name the IIT Ropar develops first-of-its-kind

Oxygen Rationing Device.

Answer: AMLEX


Q70. Who has been appointed as the Deputy Leader of

Rajya Sabha?

Answer: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi


Q71. Banking and financial services major Goldman

Sachs has opened a global centre in ______________.

Answer: Hyderabad


Q72. Fifteen 12.7 mm M2 NATO Stabilized Remote

Control Gun is manufactured with transfer of

technology agreement from Elbit Systems. Which

of the following nation is associated with Elbit


Answer: Israel 


Q73. Which of the state government to provide jobs for

all national games medalists, guarantees sports


Answer: Assam


Q74. Asian Development Bank projected India's

economic growth forecast at ______ in FY22.

Answer: 10%


Q75. In which of the following city government has

decided to set up the Indian Institute of Heritage?

Answer: Noida


Q76. Name the billionaire, who has made a short

journey to space, in the first crewed flight of his

rocket ship, New Shepard.

Answer: Jeff Bezos


Q77. Which of the following country has unveiled a

maglev train capable of a top speed of 600 kph?

Answer: China


Q78. Which of the following insurance company has

introduced Arogya Rakshak, a non-linked, nonparticipating, regular premium, individual, health

insurance plan?

Answer: Life Insurance Corporation of India


Q79. Name the village, which has been bestowed with

the title Kerala’s first ‘Book Village’.

Answer: Perumkulam


Q80. NMCG has approved new projects for the

rejuvenation of six rivers in Uttarakhand. NMCG

stands for_______________.

Answer: National Mission for Clean Ganga


Q81. Pedro Castillo has been declared the new

President of which of the following country?

Answer: Peru


Q82. Which of the following city has been selected to

host the 2032 summer Olympics?

Answer: Brisbane, Australia


Q83. Which Bank has signed an MoU with the Indian

Navy for salary account?

Answer: Kotak Mahindra Bank


Q84. Which organization has successfully flight tested

indigenously developed low weight Man-Portable

Anti-Tank Guided Missile?

Answer: Defence Research and Development



Q85. Name the New Generation surface-to-air missile

which has been successfully flight-tested by

Defence Research & Development Organisation


Answer: Akash

Q86. Urmil Kumar Thapliyal passed away recently. He

was a/an ____.

Answer: Theatre Personality


Q87. Which bank has launched a co-branded credit

card with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

Limited (HPCL)?

Answer: ICICI Bank


Q88. Which country appointed Ariel Henry as its new

prime minister after the president's


Answer: Haiti


Q89. Which state government has recently decided to

launch its new Dalit empowerment scheme 'Dalita

Bandhu', on a pilot basis from the Huzurabad

assembly constituency?

Answer: Telangana


Q90. ________________and _____________have recently

emerged as India's new World Cadet champions.

Answer: Aman Gulia and Sagar Jaglan


Q91. Which of the following district has received the

National Silver SKOCH award under health


Answer: Cachar district, Assam


Q92. Which of the following portfolio has additionally

been given to the Ministry of Road Transport and

Highways (MoRTH) Secretary Aramane Giridhar ?

Answer: Chairman of the NHAI


Q93. Which of the following bank has recently selected

Paisalo as its National Corporate Business


Answer: State Bank of India


Q94. Who among the following has inaugurated and

addressed the World Universities Summit 2021?

Answer: M. Venkaiah Naidu


Q95. According to the Nature Index 2021 Materials

Science, Which Indian Institute was included in

the ‘50 Rising Institutions’ list?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced

Scientific Research

Q96. ‘The Stranger in The Mirror’ is the autobiography

of _______________.

Answer: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra


Q97. U GRO Capital announced the launch of a colending partnership for micro, small and medium

enterprises with which of the following bank?

Answer: BOB 


Q98. Recently, Vice President released a book 'Palleku

Pattabhishekam'. Which one of the following

sectors is associated with this book?

Answer: Rural India and Agriculture


Q99. Para shooter Rubina Francis created a world

record at the ongoing Para Sport Cup in Peru. She

belongs to________________.

Answer: Madhya Pradesh


Q100. Gira Sarabhai passed away recently. She was the

co-founder of ____________________.

Answer: National Institute of Design


Q101. Who is the author of the book 'Bank with a Soul:


Answer: C K Garyali


Q102. In India, the “National Broadcasting Day” is

observed on _________ every year.

Answer: July 23


Q103. The World Federation of Neurology (WFN)

celebrates World Brain Day on every _________ each


Answer: July 22


Q104. Which one of the following can identify by the

'Surabhi e-Tag' ?

Answer: Cattle based on muzzle


Q105. Who among the following has been named the

AIFF men’s Footballer of the Year 2020-21


Answer: Sandesh Jhingan


Q106. UNESCO removes _______ from world heritage list.

Answer: Liverpool


Q107. Who was picked as the AIFF men’s Emerging

Player for the year award for 2020-21?

Answer: Suresh Singh Wangjam


Q108. What is the theme of World Brain Day 2021?

Answer: Stop Multiple Sclerosis


Q109. What is the theme of G20 Environment Ministers’

Meeting 2021?

Answer: People, Planet, Prosperity


Q110. ‘Kalaimaamani’ Sikkil Shri R Bhaskaran passed

away recently. He was famously known


Answer: Violinist


Q111. Which of the following city has been selected by

UNESCO under its ‘Historic Urban Landscape


Answer: Both a and b


Q112. World’s first 3D-printed steel pedestrian bridge

has been opened in which city?

Answer: Amsterdam, Netherland


Q113. Who has been appointed to the UN tax committee

as a member for the term period 2021 to 2025?

Answer: Rashmi R Das


Q114. Aaykar Diwas (Income Tax Day) celebrated by

Central Board of Direct Taxes on ________.

Answer: July 24


Q115. India has scored _______ in the 2021 UN Global

Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade


Answer: 90.32 per cent


Q116. The standalone health insurer Max Bupa Health

Insurance has rebranded itself as __________.

Answer: Niva Bupa Health Insurance


Q117. Name the India’s oldest student, who passed away

recently at 107.

Answer: Bhageerathi Amma


Q118. The Indian Olympic Association has roped in

_________ as a sponsor for the Indian contingent at

the ongoing Tokyo Games.

Answer: Adani Group


Q119. Who has been named as the All India Football

Federation (AIFF) Women's Footballer of the Year


Answer: Ngangom Bala Devi


Q120. RBI increases loan limit of bank directors to

_________ from Rs 25 lakh.

Answer: Rs 5 cr


Q121. The book titled “An Ordinary Life: Portrait of an

Indian Generation” has been authored by _______.

Answer: Ashok Lavasa


Q122. Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, has opened India’s medal

tally at the ongoing Tokyo Olympics 2020, by

winning a silver medal. She represents the

country in which event?

Answer: Weightlifting

Q123. World Drowning Prevention Day is held annually

on _______.

Answer: 25 July


Q124. Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated every year on July

26. This year nation is celebrating the _________ of

victory in the Kargil war.

Answer: 22 years


Q125. Which of the following site has inscribed as

India’s 39th UNESCO World Heritage List?

Answer: Kakatiya Rudreswara Temple


Q126. Which of the following country has joined

International Solar Alliance (ISA) recently on July


Answer: Sweden


Q127. Who among the following has been appointed as

the Managing Director of HCL Technologies Ltd?

Answer: C Vijayakumar


Q128. Yang Qian has won the first Gold Medal of the

Tokyo Olympics in the women’s 10m air rifle. She

is from which country?

Answer: China


Q129. In 2019, India ranked which of the following

position with a share of 3.1% in global

agricultural exports?

Answer: 09


Q130. Senior IPS officer Nasir Kamal has recently been

designated to which of the following Portfolio?

Answer: Director-General of the Bureau of Civil

Aviation Security


Q131. Which one of the following has recently signed an

MoU with C-DAC to train manpower of force in

advanced technologies, undertake joint projects?

Answer: CRPF


Q132. Which of the following country has reported cases

of ‘Norovirus’ infection

Answer: United Kingdom


Q133. Who has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of

Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Answer: M A Yusuff Ali


Q134. Name the bank, who has got a loan of $250

million from International Finance Corporation

(IFC), the investment arm of the World Bank


Answer: HDFC Bank


Q135. Name the Bangladesh's legendary folk singer and

freedom fighter, passed away recently.

Answer: Fakir Alamgir


Q136. The Europa Clipper mission is the Earth’s first

mission investigations of Jupiter’s moon named

Europa. The mission is being undertaken by

which space agency?

Answer: NASA


Q137. The CRPF observes its Raising Day every year on

27 July. In 2021, the force will be observing its

_______ Raising Day

Answer: 83


Q138. As per the CARE Ratings, the estimated GDP

growth rate of India in FY22 is projected in the

range of __________.

Answer: 8.8-9%


Q139. Which country has become the first in the world

to get approval for the commercial production of

genetically modified golden rice?

Answer: Philippines


Q140. Priya Malik has recently won a gold medal for

India in which sports event?

Answer: Wrestling


Q141. The historic Paseo del Prado boulevard and

Retiro Park are among the newly inducted

UNESCO World Heritage Sites for 2021. They are

located in which city?

Answer: Madrid


Q142. BS Yediyurappa has recently resigned as the Chief

Minister of which state?

Answer: Karnataka


Q143. The International Day for the Conservation of the

Mangrove Ecosystem is an international

celebration taking place every year on_________.

Answer: 26 July


Q144. Singapore’s Sunseap Group will build world’s

largest $2 billion worth floating solar farm in

which of the following country?

Answer: Philippines


Q145. Which of the following state is related to the

Sohra Water Supply Scheme?

Answer: Meghalaya


Q146. Recently, Who won the first-ever skateboarding

competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games?

Answer: Yuto Horigome


Q147. Which country has hosted a high-level

International Conference titled “Central and South

Asia: Regional Connectivity 2021"?

Answer: Uzbekistan 


Q148. Which of the following state chief minister has

laid the foundation stone of a bamboo industrial


Answer: Assam


Q149. Indian Naval Ship _________ is participating in

Exercise Cutlass Express 2021.

Answer: INS Talwar


Q150. Jayanthi passed away recently. She was a/an


Answer: Actress


Q151. World Health Organization is observed on 28th

July every year as “World Hepatitis Day”. What is

the theme of World Hepatitis Day 2021?

Answer: Hepatitis Can’t Wait


Q152. World Nature Conservation Day is observed on

_________ every year.

Answer: 28th July


Q153. Basavaraj Bommai elected as the new Chief

Minister of _______.

Answer: Karnataka


Q154. Raksha Mantri Rajnath Singh to attend SCO

Defence Ministers’ meeting in ______.

Answer: Tajikistan


Q155. Japan's Momiji Nishiya becomes one of the

youngest gold medal winners in Olympic. She

belongs to which sports?

Answer: Skateboarding


Q156. GoI to set up center for animation, visual effects,

gaming. It will be set up in collaboration with?

Answer: IIT Bombay


Q157. The Reserve Bank of India is currently working on

a phased implementation strategy for its own

digital currency named "CBDC". What is the full of


Answer: Central Bank Digital Currency


Q158. Name the first city in India where people can avail

high-quality drinking water directly from the tap

on a 24-hour basis.

Answer: Puri


Q159. Which of the following state government made

'Devaranya' scheme to promote Ayurveda?

Answer: Madhya Pradesh


Q160. IMF Projects India’s economic growth forecast for

FY22 at _______.

Answer: 9.5%


Q161. The International Tiger Day falls on which day of

the year annually?

Answer: 29 July


Q162. Which Indian city is the only one from the country

to be chosen for the International Clean Air

Catalyst Programme of USAID?

Answer: Indore


Q163. Who among these has been sworn in as the Delhi

Police Commissioner recently?

Answer: Rakesh Asthana


Q164. One of India’s legendary sportsperson, Nandu

Natekar, has passed away. He was associated with

which game?

Answer: Badminton


Q165. The Sitio Burle Marx has been inscribed as the

UNESCO World Heritage site on July 27, 2021. The

site is based in which country?

Answer: Brazil


Q166. Who is the CEO of the new robotics company -


Answer: Wendy Tan White


Q167. Najib Makita has been recently appointed as the

Prime Minister of which country?

Answer: Lebanon


Q168. Which is the largest moon in the solar system?

Answer: Ganymede


Q169. Which state became the first Indian state to

provide reservation for transgenders in all

government services?

Answer: Karnataka


Q170. What is the theme of the 2021 International Tiger


Answer: Their Survival is in our hands


Q171. Indian-origin British author __________ is among

the 13 authors longlisted for the prestigious 2021

Booker Prize for fiction.

Answer: Sunjeev Sahota 


Q172. Which of the following bank has become the first

bank in the country to achieve the milestone of

issuing 1 crore FASTags?

Answer: Paytm Payments Bank


Q173. The Reserve Bank of India has imposed a

monetary penalty of Rs 5 crore on private sector

lender __________.

Answer: Axis Bank


Q174. Which automobile company has announced a

partnership with Maharashtra’s Savitribai Phule

Pune University to train youth in automobile


Answer: Maruti Suzuki India Limited


Q175. Govt of UT of Ladakh gets RBI nod to acquire _____

stake in J&K Bank.

Answer: 8.23%


Q176. United Nations observes _______ every year as

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

Answer: 30 July


Q177. Bhoot Jolokia chillies from Nagaland exported to

______ for the first time.

Answer: London


Q178. Which airport has signed a ten-year partnership

with the company IBM to set up the ‘Airport in a

Box’ platform?

Answer: Bangalore International Airport Limited


Q179. Who has been crowned Miss India USA 2021 at

the beauty pageant.

Answer: Vaidehi Dongre


Q180. Which of the following state has launched a new

initiative called the Pink Protection project for the

protection of women in public, private and digital


Answer: Kerala


Q181. IIT _________ developed Covid RNA test kit called


Answer: Hyderabad


Q182. Who has been appointed as the chief executive

officer (CEO) for India in property consultant


Answer: Ramesh Nair



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