The Chapter of Fundamental duties was inserted in our Constitution by 42nd Amendment of the Constitution in 1976. By 42nd Amendment after Part-IV of Constitution, Part IVA and Article 51-A is inserted in the Constitution which lays down Fundamental Duties of the citizens.
Fundamental Duties was added on the recommendation of Swaran Singh Committee. These are non-justifiable i.e their compliance cannot be enforced by law, but serves as moral responsibility on the citizens. Originally 10 Fundamental Duties, 11th Fundamental Duty was added by 86th Amendment in 2002. At Present we have 11 Fundamental Duties .Fundamental rights and Fundamental duties are correlated. Either of them cannot be ignored. To create a general awareness of the provisions of fundamental duties amongst the citizens on the lines recommended by the Justice Verma Committee in 1999. India borrowed the concept of Fundamental Duties from USSR.
Fundamental Duties of the Indian Citizens